White Lotus costume designer reveals hidden Easter eggs in Tanya’s wardrobe

The White Lotus Season two has come to an end, but viewers will always remember some of the iconic — and eccentric — looks worn by the beloved characters in Sicily, Italy. Now the show’s costume designer has revealed some of the clues hidden in each guest’s wardrobe, possibly pointing to the dramatic end of season two.

This article contains spoilers about it The White Lotus season two finale.

Costume designer Alex Bovaird revealed how The godfather dress worn by Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) hinted at her shocking fate in a new interview with Page six. At the end of season two, Tanya realizes that Quentin (Tom Hollander) and his entourage want to kill her in an attempt to secure her billion dollar inheritance. When Quentin’s yacht docks close to the mainland, his friend Niccoló (Stefano Gianino) arrives at the yacht in a small speedboat to escort Tanya back to the hotel. She notices that Niccoló is carrying a suspicious black bag and steals it on her way to the bathroom, where she finds masking tape, garbage bags, a rope and a gun.

As Niccoló and Quentin furiously bang on her bedroom door, Tanya shoots both Niccoló and Quentin, but not without confronting Quentin about his affair with her husband, Greg (Jon Gries). When Tanya tries to escape the yacht and jump onto the anchored speedboat, she missteps and hits her head on the edge of the speedboat, dying in the water.

During the final episode, Jennifer Coolidge’s character wore a floral dress that many fans believed was identical to the one worn by the Apollonia mannequin op The godfather museum in episode three. In the iconic film, Apollonia was killed by a car bomb intended for her husband, played by Al Pacino.

“I was quite surprised by the ability of Internet sleuths to put things together,” Bovaird recently said Page six. “When I saw Evan Ross Katz’s tweet that had Tanya’s death dress on The godfather dummy, I was very impressed.”

However, Bovaird revealed that the Easter egg moment “almost didn’t happen” when Coolidge’s version of the dress accidentally came back off set.

“We were near the end of the show and it was accidentally sent back to Rome the previous night! Someone had to catch a plane with it in the early morning and it made it to the camera,” she said. “Just your typical chaos in the costume department.”

Bovaird – who has directed the costumes for films such as No, American honey, and Thoroughbreds — also explained some of the inspiration behind Portia’s Gen-Z style and Harper’s chic Italian fashion.

Since season two of The White Lotus Haley Lu Richardson’s character Portia, which premiered on HBO on Oct. 30, has divided fans with her eccentric — or just plain weird — fashion sense. Portia, Tanya’s personal assistant, was often seen wearing mismatched patterns and garments.

Bovaird admitted she hadn’t expected to see such a mixed reaction to Portia’s fashionable looks.

“At first I was a little surprised by the online reaction to her costumes, but I’m glad that my and Haley Lu’s work on her character has gotten so much attention,” said Bovaird, noting that Portia’s style was inspired by Los Angeles. “it” girls “constantly mixing up clothes and styles” in “bold and uniquely creative” ways.

“Portia isn’t nearly as cool or composed, and the idea was that she wouldn’t always succeed with her styling,” Bovaird added. “We loved putting her in different moods and modes depending on her mood and circumstances, and kind of ‘finishing’ her up.”

Portia’s Gen Z-inspired style divided fans The White Lotus

(Sky/The White Lotus)

Meanwhile, Bovaird looked to iconic actress Audrey Hepburn as the “style muse” for Harper (Aubrey Plaza) in season two, specifically Hepburn’s fashion in the 1953 film. Roman holiday.

Bovaird explained that Harper’s fashion “developed based on how confident she felt” in each episode, noting how she arrived in Sicily in “a pristine white suit, very guarded and sharp”.

Harper’s wardrobe is inspired by Audrey Hepburn

(Sky/The White Lotus)

“When she starts to relax, her costumes become more vibrant,” the costume designer added. “We actually showed her a Daphne (Meghann Fahy) look at the winery, and she wore one of Daphne’s dresses at the Noto villa — the white-and-blue printed Poupette St Barth dress.”

The White Lotus finale is currently streaming on HBO Max in the US and Sky On Demand and Now TV in the UK.

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