Which teams have qualified, who has been eliminated and the knockout matches

This year’s World Cup knockout matches are the most diverse in the competition’s history, with three teams from Asia qualifying for the round of 16 for the first time.

The first knockout stage of the World Cup has traditionally been dominated by teams from Europe and South America, but this year there are multiple representatives from North America, Asia and Africa.

It is only the second time since 1986, when the round of 16 format was first introduced, that two African countries have gone out of the group, and the first time that a combination of six teams from North America, Asia and Africa achieved knockout. stages.

South America has only two representatives (Argentina and Brazil) in the round of 16 in Qatar, their joint lowest number since 1986.

And only twice before, Europe had less than its current eight representatives in the round of 16.

European countries have found it more difficult to progress if the tournament is held outside their own continent. Only six European teams reached the knockout stages of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Asian numbers were boosted by Australia’s surprising progress from a group that included France, Denmark and Tunisia. Australia has been a member of the Asian Football Confederation since 2006.

In this year’s round of 16, they are joined by Asian countries Japan and South Korea, both of whom came out of the group stage in dramatic fashion.

So far, the quarter-final line-up consists of the Netherlands, Argentina, England and France.

What is the World Cup knockout stage schedule?

Saturday December 3

Match 49 – Netherlands 3 VS 1
Match 50 – Argentina 2 Australia 1

Sunday December 4

Match 52 – France 3 Poland 1
Match 51 – England 3 Senegal 0

Monday Dec 5

Match 53 – Japan vs Croatia, 3pm
Match 54 – Brazil vs South Korea, 7pm

Tuesday Dec 6

Match 55 – Morocco vs Spain, 3pm
Match 56 – Portugal vs Switzerland, 7pm


Friday Dec 9

QF1 – Winner of match 53 vs winner of match 54, 3pm
QF2 – Netherlands vs Argentina, 7pm

Saturday December 10

QF3 – Winner Match 55 vs Winner Match 56, 3pm
QF4 – England vs France, 7pm


Tuesday Dec 13

SF1 – Winner of QF1 vs. Winner of QF2, 7pm

Wednesday December 14

SF2 – Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4, 7pm

Playoffs for third place

Saturday December 17

Loser of SF1 vs Loser of SF2, 3pm

Sunday December 18

Lusail Stadium, 3 p.m

Who will lead the race for the Golden Boot?

At the end of the group stage, Marcus Rashford was among the front runners. For a guide to all the latest stats from the World Cup, see our comprehensive guide.

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