Wednesday Addam’s TikTok dance gets a cultural twist from Asian creators

Netflix’s new “Wednesday” series has taken over For You pages on TikTok with a dance many creators have adopted, including two users who have gone viral for their Asian and Pacific Islander twist.

“Wednesday,” a comedy horror show and the latest spin-off of “Addams Family,” was released on the streaming service last week. It follows daughter Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, as she navigates Nevermore Academy, her psychic abilities, and a murder mystery.

The dance scene, which shows creepy grooves Wednesday at Nevermore Academy’s annual Rave’N dance, has captivated thousands on the app. The original scene, which Ortega says he choreographed, uses the song “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps.

The audio, which comes from a fan edit and has been used more than 475,000 times, shows people doing the same dance or a similar version; @raasibomma and @llalouu_ on TikTok used the viral moment to showcase their own cultural moves.

Dancer and lifestyle creator @raasibomma, whose video has been viewed over 5 million times, showed her dressed all in black with braids performing her version of the dance in Kuchipudi – a dance style of India. Kuchipudi is a dance drama that combines music, dance and acting in a scene from Hindu scriptures or legend.

“Wednesday dance, but make it ✨kuchipudi✨,” she captioned the video, which was posted Wednesday.

TikTok users praised her performances in the comments.

“[T]his concept is impeccable,” noted one user. “I can’t stop watching,” said another.

@llalouu_, who is also a dancer and whose video has been viewed more than 3.5 million times, performed a mix of Polynesian dances over the audio. She was also dressed in all black with a Polynesian dance belt called a hip hei and her hair in a braided crown.

Commentators on the video were also impressed with her performance.

“I imagine Polynesian Wednesday is just like this god. I love this,” one wrote.

“AT. KILLED. WORN,” said another user.

Ortega, who choreographed the moves, thanked choreographer Bob Fosse, Lisa Loring (the actress who starred on Wednesday’s original TV show “Addams Family”), “goths dancing in clubs in the 80’s” and others on Twitter last week for the inspiration of the dance.

The Addams family consists of mother and father Gomez and Morticia; children Pugsley and Wednesday; butler Lurch; and extended relatives Uncle Fester and Grandma. The family is considered a parody of the American family, where the macabre yet goofy unit is seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are scaring “normal” people.

“Wednesday” is another television adaptation in the family lore, which began as a single cartoon in 1938 and later evolved into a television show, an animated series, a comic book, and six movies over eight decades.

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