Watch Apple’s latest iPad end up messy in a durability test

Popular YouTuber Zack Nelson — he from the JerryRigEverything channel – has taken its toolbox to Apple’s latest iPad in a durability test that, we might as well say now, doesn’t end well for the device.

The new iPad is… (Let’s not talk about it…)

Released a few months ago to lukewarm reviews, the new iPad is the 10th version of Apple’s budget iPad, which comes in a variety of colors.

Nelson opts for the pink iPad and begins by noting how the new device has “officially caught up with the rest of the world” by installing a USB-C port, replacing Apple’s own Lightning port.

Before he takes his knife to the iPad, Nelson also highlights the absurdity of Apple’s decision to keep the Lightning connector on the iPad’s compatible Apple Pencil, requiring the $9 dongle to plug it into the USB-C port. port to connect. “Apple loves it though,” says Nelson, adding, “I’ve heard they’re even changing their tagline from ‘think different’ to ‘think dongle.'”

Nelson’s scratch test using the Mohs hardness scale shows damage on the iPad’s screen from level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7. “Pretty standard,” says the YouTuber.

Then the blades come out and there is a lot of scratching and scraping. A warning to more sensitive souls: this part of the permanence will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, so watch this part with the volume turned down.

After attempting to cut out a cartoon character on the back of the iPad (“Not my best work,” admits Nelson), the iPad is starting to look a little ragged. Then the lighter appears, with an open flame going up against the iPad’s screen, a procedure that causes some rather funky behavior with the glass.

Finally, the bend test, where Nelson uses all his strength to push the structure of the iPad to its limits. Of course, no one is going to bend it like that in an everyday scenario, and it’s somehow no surprise that the iPad breaks into two pieces. Just don’t stand or sit on the thing. Nelson notes that the iPad’s weak spot seems to be the keyboard connectors on the side of the device.

Holding a mutilated iPad, Nelson ends the video by inspecting the inside. This produces a few surprises, including an abundance of empty space and a speaker that is some distance from the grill hole.

For a complete look at a spotless 10th generation iPad with no sharp objects or burning flames, check out Digital Trends.

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