TubShroom bathroom hair catcher review

I’ve dealt with clogged drains my entire life. Whether it was growing up with older sisters (and having long hair myself that falls off in the shower), not cleaning the sink well enough after shaving, or leftover food falling down the kitchen sink, it seems like every drain that i bump, constipated .

After buying countless bottles water, I felt stuck in the cycle of pouring harsh chemicals down a drain only to end up in the same clogged spot two to three months later. When I moved into a new apartment, I decided I’d had enough. I bought tubmushrooma showermushroom and two Kitchen sink mushrooms to keep my drains clear. A few months later, I’m here to say I’ve never been happier with a home purchase.

This simple, yet extremely effective device catches any hair or debris that finds its way into your drain. They are easy to install, easy to use, and best of all, cheap.

I have three different types of shrooms, but they all work the same way. A type of plug goes down the drain, which has a detachable piece in the middle that catches hair, food, and other unwanted bits that would otherwise go down the drain.

All three mushrooms I got were incredibly easy to install and only took a few minutes to install. I was concerned the mushrooms might not fit since the apartment I moved into was built in the 1980’s, but since they are designed to fit almost any drain I had no compatibility issues.

Once you put them in the sewers, the mushrooms can start working their magic. Whether it’s in the bath, shower or sink, these devices will catch any hair or food that gets in their way. I especially love the TubShroom and ShowerShroom as their designs hide the hairs they catch and mostly keep them out of sight. The SinkShroom has a raised design so the trappings aren’t as hidden, but it still works great.

If you have a shower stall, this fungus can replace your current drain cover to catch all the hair and debris you don’t want down your drain.

Kitchen sinks can get dirty quickly, which is why this SinkShroom is a must-have. It catches food scraps in an easy-to-clean basket to keep your drains clean.

If one of the mushrooms gets full, they are super easy to empty and clean. The ShowerShroom and TubShroom’s detachable centerpiece collects most of the unwanted bits, so you can simply lift this piece, throw away the contents, and replace in seconds. The SinkShroom also has a removable center, but I find that most groceries are locked in the actual basket, not the center plug, so I just lift the whole thing out of the sink to clean it.

kitchen sinkmushroom

One buying tip I would give is to go for this Stainless steel version of the TubShroom above that original. They’re easier to clean, and despite the “Ultra” name, they’re actually $1 cheaper than the rubber mushrooms (the SinkShroom and ShowerShroom come standard with stainless steel).

I really think every household should have a TubShroom. They are easy to install, do a great job of protecting your drains and because a TubShroom two pack is the same price as a Drano in a two-pack, it’s a money-saving no-brainer. At prices ranging from $10 to $20 depending on the mushroom, it’s not a huge investment to try one. Just be prepared because after that you will want to have one for every single drain in your house.

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