track-only ‘de tomaso P900’ hypercar quickly beats lap times

aspirated V12 ‘de tomaso P900’ hypercar

De Tomaso Automobili unveils the car concept of its debut track-only vehicle, the P900 (named for its total dry weight), a naturally aspirated V12 hypercar limited to 18 units worldwide. Designed by Jowyn Wong, the man behind Apollo IE and The Tomaso P72the car design of the two-seater P900 exudes De Tomaso’s signature with its sharp lines, smooth curves and race-oriented exterior and interior.

Wong shares that the design team spent their time overhauling the visual queues from the P72 to the performance-oriented P900. “The result, we believe, is a car that is distinctly aggressive in nature, yet romantic, that evokes the emotions of 1960s or 1970s Le Mans prototypes while maintaining a distinctive design language.” he adds in the news report.

images courtesy of De Tomaso Automobili (shared with designboom)

The 18 exclusive owners of De Tomaso P900 is sure to enjoy the power of the vehicle driven by the rear wheels with a sequential gearbox at the heart of the car and a full carbon fiber body and chassis. The automaker’s lips are sealed over the full performance figures and details of the P900. It says that this information will only be available to selected people, including the owners.

Unlike its predecessor, the P72, the De Tomaso P900 gets a completely new design with its full carbon chassis system. Its strained engine helps the P900 weigh about 900 kilograms with an expected power output of 900 horsepower. De Tomaso also emphasizes that the vehicle’s aerodynamics have been fine-tuned by a Formula 1 racing team that has allowed the design team plenty of room to play with the exterior styling.

the tomaso p900 hypercar
rear view

While De Tomaso recognizes the future of electric vehicle technology, their focus remains on creating long-lasting aspirated internal combustion engines. Their response to companies electrifying their cars is not to turn the Tomaso P900 into an electric car, but to give it a 12-cylinder platform that can run exclusively on synthetic fuel.

Norman Choi, CEO of De Tomaso, notes in a press release that the company believes there are alternatives, but that developing its new platform, powered by synthetic fuels, is its solution to keep its passion for internal combustion engines alive. “This synthetic fuels venture represents our commitment to pursuing a zero-emissions mobility future without sacrificing the critical element we all hold dear: the soul and symphony of an engine.” he adds.

the tomaso p900 hypercar
aerial view

De Tomaso Automobili has brought together a cohort of leading motorsport specialists from Formula 1, endurance racing and aerodynamic development. The Tomaso P900 is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2023, while the car company will continue development of the vehicle’s powertrain through the end of 2024.

the tomaso p900 hypercar
rear view

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