Timeline: Wisconsin man accused of financially preying on women he met on dating apps

The arrest of a man accused of financially preying on women he meets on dating apps followed weeks of warnings from the Wisconsin police to look out for the alleged perpetrator.

It also came as the man – 52-year-old Timothy Olson – was wanted for questioning in the recent death of a woman he was with at a South Milwaukee bar, when she fell unconscious and died days later, according to police. She was the third woman to pass out in his presence, according to police. Her death is under investigation and it is not known at this time whether a crime has been committed, police said.

Olson was arrested Tuesday in Franklin, Wisconsin, after allegedly committing three burglaries in the city, including one involving a 79-year-old woman who turned him down at a bar. An arrest warrant had also been issued over personal identity theft allegations after he allegedly withdrew hundreds of dollars from a date’s bank account in September.

“We’re glad he’s off the streets,” Franklin Police Chief Rick Oliva told reporters Tuesday. “There is no doubt that this person would continue to do what he was doing until he was caught.”

Since there are several ongoing investigations involving Olson, here’s what we know so far.

September 2nd

A woman who lives in Mount Pleasant, a village in Racine County, goes on a date with Olson that allegedly ends with her debit card stolen and $800 withdrawn from her account, according to an indictment. The woman was identified only by her initials in the complaint.

The victim connected with Olson on Match.com, where he allegedly went by the name “Tim Wilson,” according to the indictment. She had met him in person once or twice before that date, visiting various establishments in Racine, Zion, Mount Pleasant and Caledonia, according to the complaint. At around 10 p.m., she asks him to drive because she is tired and “she soon passed out,” according to the indictment. The woman has no memory of that night and believes she may have been drugged, the indictment said.

When she wakes up, she finds Olson took her car, according to the complaint. When she contacts him about this, he claims he has no memory of the night and suggests she drugged him, according to the complaint. He allegedly told her he left the car at an Applebee and she can pick it up there.

At one point, the victim also discovered four unauthorized withdrawals on her debit card totaling $800 at two gas stations, prompting her to contact police, the complaint said. She initially thought her card had been stolen from a bar that night, though surveillance footage allegedly captured Olson withdrawing the money from ATMs at both locations — around 10 p.m. on Sept. 2 and around 6 a.m. on Sept. 3, according to the complaint.

Detectives from the Mount Pleasant Police Department were unable to locate Olson’s Match.com profile and believe he deactivated the account, the complaint said.

November 9

A warrant has been issued for Olson’s arrest in connection with the Sept. 2 incident, court records show. According to the indictment, he faces multiple counts of theft of personal ID cards for financial gain. The complaint notes that Olson uses several aliases, including Timothy Wilson.

In this photo released by the Racine Police Department, Timothy Olson is shown.

Racine police

The Racine Police Department is issuing a safety alert regarding Olson to “warn the women of Racine County and enlist the public’s help in locating a male subject who has met and victimized women through dating apps , resulting in financial loss.”

“The Racine Police Department is seeking a meeting with Olson regarding a similar incident outside of our jurisdiction,” the department said. A spokesperson later confirmed to ABC News that they cannot share any further details due to the ongoing investigation.

November 17

Olson is with 55-year-old Kim Mikulance when she loses consciousness at Powers on 10th, a South Milwaukee bar, according to local police. Mikulance suffers an “unknown medical emergency” at the bar and is being transported to a local hospital, police said.

Surveillance video shows Olson and Mikulance, a Cudahy resident who was a regular at Powers on 10th, sitting at the bar together before she loses consciousness, police said.

PHOTO: Surveillance footage shows Kim Mikulance and Timothy Olson, both unmoved, together in a bar on Nov. 17, 2022. Police said Olson is a person of interest in the investigation into Mikulance's death.  He is not a suspect at this time.

Surveillance footage shows Kim Mikulance and Timothy Olson, both unmoved, together in a bar on Nov. 17, 2022. Police said Olson is a person of interest in the investigation into Mikulance’s death. He is not a suspect at this time.


“I saw the look on her face and I saw she was holding a drink and she started to lean back a little bit,” Sam Anderson, who was a bartender at the time, told ABC Milwaukee affiliate WISN. “She was here maybe five minutes before she hit the ground.”

November 21st

The Racine Police Department is updating its initial safety alert to say that Olson has been linked to “another woman in a bar who fell unconscious while in his presence” on Nov. 17. The incident at Powers on November 10, a police spokesperson confirms. .

This is the third woman the Racine Police Department is aware of from other jurisdictions who “became unconscious while in the presence of Timothy Olson,” the department said.

November 22

Mikulance dies in hospital, according to police. Her death is being investigated by the South Milwaukee Police Department, who are awaiting autopsy results. Olson is a person of interest in the investigation and is wanted for questioning, police say.

“At this time, the investigation is ongoing and it is not known whether a crime has occurred, or whether this incident is related to other investigations by other jurisdictions,” the department said.

November 23

Olson would find his next victim in a bar in Franklin, a town in Milwaukee County. He approaches a 79-year-old woman in an unknown establishment and offers her a drink, although she refuses, according to Oliva. When she leaves, he allegedly approaches her in the parking lot with a gun, forces her into her car and holds her “for several hours,” Oliva said. They drive to at least one ATM and he, according to Oliva, would take her cards and withdraw money.

November 28

According to local police, Olson is spotted in Franklin at night at a business on South 27th Street.

November 29

At around 10:15 a.m. local time, officers spotted a man believed to be Olson pushing a bicycle on the 7000 block of South 35th Street in Franklin, Oliva said. As officers approach, he flees to a nearby apartment complex and after a “brief struggle” is tased and taken into custody, according to Oliva.

He faces charges of kidnapping, burglary and identity theft as a result of the Nov. 23 Franklin incident, Oliva says. Prior to his arrest, Olson was alleged to have been involved in at least two burglaries in Franklin, according to Oliva.

PHOTO: The booking photo for Timothy Olson

The booking photo for Timothy Olson

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

While in the custody of the Franklin Police Department, Olson is interviewed by detectives from the Franklin, Racine and South Milwaukee police departments, according to Oliva.

Olson is being held by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, online records show. It is unclear if he has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf.

Police in all jurisdictions continue to search evidence.

“These are active studies,” Oliva said. “There’s a lot of evidence that needs to be processed.”

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