This sleek CD player lets you display album art like a photo frame

Vinyl records have been revived in recent years, but ironically the younger CDs seem to have gone almost completely out of fashion. Not only have streaming services and digital collections (acquired legally, of course) rendered the limited capacity of audio CDs meaningless, the physical medium also doesn’t offer a distinct audio flavor like old-fashioned records. That said, CDs are still being made and sold, and there are those who still dearly hold on to their library of collected albums in this disc format. It is certainly possible to still listen to it, but most CD players today come in large boxes that stay at home or in peripherals that plug into computers. However, this minimalistic CD player offers the freedom to listen to that kind of music anywhere and also gives you the option to show off the cover of that CD, just like album art in music apps.

Designer: km5

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Digital music created the concept of album covers as a digital counterpart to the CD covers of yesteryear. It’s a visual experience you lose when you listen to CDs unless you have the cover in front of you all the time. You definitely can’t display it on the device you use to play the CD, especially if it’s a portable CD player that covers everything to create a compact shape suitable for travel.

The CP1 CD player breaks the mold with a device that is a work of minimalist art in its own right. The simple, square shape of the player looks like a picture frame or an enlarged Polaroid-style photo. The center of the device is transparent, showing the bed where the CD would lie and rotate. As it is, it’s already quite noticeable for its bold transparency, but it’s also the perfect place to insert the CD cover. Essentially, the player lets you create the experience of album covers in physical form.

This device is more than just a CD player, it also becomes a piece of decor, especially when you hang it on the wall. It has its own built-in rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly wires until it’s time to charge it. Of course, with that same battery, you can take it with you wherever you go, so you can listen to your favorite CDs at any time. There’s a 3.5mm jack for plugging in headphones and speakers, but built-in Bluetooth support means you can also enjoy music via wireless audio devices.

This photographic CD player doesn’t really add advanced features for playing this physical medium. It even takes a small step back by letting you manually insert covers to get the same effect as cover art on music apps. However, it shows how appreciating music also comes with other treats for the senses, and it does so in a very elegant way that proudly displays the art of a CD.

Click here to buy now: $127 $149 ($22 off at checkout). Hurry up, Post-Cyber ​​Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

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