This elegant aroma diffuser is designed to relieve your stress in every way

Essential oil diffusers have become a popular tool in creating a calming and peaceful space, especially for people who enjoy the effects certain scents have on our bodies and minds. Ironically, many of these diffusers can become a source of stress themselves because they simply focus on one aspect of the experience. The simplest ones don’t require much in terms of use, but they often leave it to natural breezes and winds to carry the scent around the room, which doesn’t always work out the way you’d hope. This often leads to overpowering odors that can irritate the nose and cause more stress than it relieves. This streamlined aroma diffuser, on the other hand, simplifies things so you can have a stress-free experience from the time you use it to the time you need to clean it.

Designer: Ryota Yokozeki

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Right out of the box, the WEEK END Aroma Diffuser is nothing like your typical home appliance, be it candles, electricity, or Mother Nature herself. The shine of the metal base immediately catches the eye, but the smooth and unadorned surface is neither distracting nor causes a spike in emotions. The ceramic plate on top that acts as a filter creates a subtle contrast to that metal base, so your eyes don’t jump back and forth between the two. It’s simple and almost straight forward design allows the diffuser to go almost unnoticed, which is exactly the purpose of this friendly companion.

That simple design belies the battery-powered fan inside, which some might take as a point against it. What this fan does is leave nothing to chance and provide you with an even aroma that does not overpower the scent in any place. Simply pressing and holding the edge of the base for a second turns on the fan, creating a gentle breeze that flows from the gap between the base and the porcelain filter. If you press it again, it switches to an intermittent mode, where it turns itself on and off every three minutes. The next press turns the diffuser off, and a handy LED indicator removes the stress of trying to guess if it’s on or off.

That ceramic plate is also an important part of that stress-free experience. Handmade by artisans from Hida, Japan, using traditional kilns, the porcelain acts as a beautiful base to hold your favorite scented oils. It is also easy to clean with just water, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your diffuser.

With a rechargeable battery that charges via USB-C, this aroma diffuser can run in intermittent mode for up to two weeks before you need to plug it back in. That means you can put it anywhere you want or need, instead of worrying about having to place it near a power outlet or change batteries every so often. And it looks good anywhere, whether in the center of the room on a coffee table or off to the side on a shelf. Subtly beautiful and soft, this aroma diffuser distills the experience down to its essence to ease your stress and worry every step of the way.

Click here to buy now: $127 $149 (15% discount at checkout). Hurry, last minute Christmas sale sitewide ends in 24 hours!

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