The phenomenon of MrBeast Burgers at American Dream

It all starts with Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, a likable YouTube personality. MrBeast is the fourth most subscribed personality on the YouTube platform and the highest among all individuals on Wikipedia.

He is 24 years old and was born in Wichita, KS. MrBeast started on YouTube in February 2013. He spent years trying to crack the YouTube algorithm until he finally got a following. The latest report is that MrBeast has 114 million subscribers.

Now comes a brilliant idea. MrBeast decided to sell MrBeast Burgers and he chose one of the largest malls on the East Coast – American Dream in Meadowland, NJ Here he unveiled his new concept McBeast Burgers, on Sunday, September 4, 2022 during the mall’s opening hour, 11:00 AM. MrBeast personally opened his first restaurant to a stampede of 10,000 young people.

No one expected the crowd that came to the mall. The early risers came two days in advance, and by the time the mall opened, thousands of young people were circling the mall and its steps in anticipation of seeing MrBeast and eating his burgers. The company sold 6,212 burgers on that momentous first day, which CNN has documented for posterity. It was three times the expectations.

The children behaved well. The video proves it. They stood in line quietly, and many ate the combo burger with fries and a coke. No one expected the crowds, they ran out of burgers, buns, potatoes and spices and had to scour the neighborhood for more of the same.

There is a lesson to learn. With teenage kids making their way to the mall and acting spectacularly well, one can guess that more store promotions are in the works. The company employed highly skilled people who supervised and carried out their assignment down to the last detail. American Dream no doubt provided additional security to help maintain order. But there was also a discipline among the staff where everyone worked diligently on their assigned tasks.

The star of the day was MrBeast. He shook hands with thousands of visitors, posed for photos with groups and sang a little music. He didn’t sell burgers or take a job that wasn’t assigned to him.

Chances are that other celebrities will find their way into one of the major malls and promote his or her wares. The malls have the space to host a large number of people. But you have to deliver – the food has to be great – the values ​​have to be visible and the staff has to be extremely polite.

I list here the five largest malls in the US: Mall of America, American Dream. King of Prussia Mall, South Coast Plaza and Aventura Mall. The first two belong to the triple five group that has established mega malls with the mall in Edmonton, Canada. Simon Property Group wholly owns King of Prussia, PA and co-owns Aventura Mall with Turnberry Associates. South Coast Plaza is owned by the Segerstrom family.

POSTSCIPT: The singer had a following before he ever started. Social media helped promote the singer and his friendly demeanor endeared him to his audience. If he keeps his burgers high quality he will be very successful.

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