The LG Libero monitor can be hung on office cubicles to free up desk space

Trends come and go, and some designs even come back with a vengeance. This applies not only in the fashion world, but also in other branches, including interior and even office furnishings. In the not-so-distant past, cabins were demolished to make way for open floor plans. However, that more social and democratic design also came at a cost to focus and productivity, which has led some offices to bring back those boxes that try to give you a little refuge in a storm of distractions. However, far from just limiting space, cubicles also offer opportunities to personalize and optimize, and this new computer monitor takes that to heart in a fairly new way.

Designer: LG

Desk space is always limited, whether you’re working in a cubicle, an office floor plan, or even at home. However, it can be even more limiting when those dividers are involved, because they set boundaries in three dimensions. That’s why some people have gotten a little more creative by taking advantage of the vertical space these walls provide, but the desk space occupied by a computer screen still takes up a whole chunk of what’s left.

The aptly named LG Libero 27MQ70QC monitor frees up that space so your desk is actually given over to things you actually use rather than just looking at. You can technically buy some mounting accessories for a regular computer monitor, but this LG display already has one built in. Plus, it does this in a rather innovative way, allowing you to use the monitor on your desk as normal if you run out of wall to hang it on.

The trick of the Libero is a folding stand that doubles as a handle that can be hung on hooks above your booth or any wall. With that stand, you can even tilt the monitor forward or backward to suit your preferences and comfort. Everything about the design of the Libero revolves around this duality. For example, the included webcam is removable and has dedicated ports at the top and bottom so it always sits on the “top” of the monitor, regardless of orientation.

The 27-inch LG Libero isn’t all about this gimmick though, and it has the trap of a quality monitor you’d expect from the brand. However, the original $500 price tag may feel a bit steep considering you can make MacGyver your own hanging monitor solution for so much less. That said, you do get the benefits of a product designed to be used in such configurations, rather than having to struggle to make things work on your own.

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