The feather-light DJI Mini 3 is an affordable drone for content creators on a budget

DJI Mini 3 drone targeting social media platforms and casual flyers has been in the works (with certain cloud leaks) since the launch of Mini 3 Pro, and now the affordable package has finally landed. As speculated, this slimmed down version of the big brother Mini 3 Pro will miss out on certain premium features, with a cheaper price tag being the pitch.

The lightweight DJI drone weighs 248 grams, making it eligible to fly in most parts of the world without any registration (meets FCC requirements for the US). This quadcopter is the direct predecessor of the DJI Mini 2 drone with incremental features just enough to entice buyers looking to take their content creation game to the next level without burning a hole in their pocket.

Designer: DJI

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DJI Mini 3 comes with a capable 12 MP (1/1.3 type) CMOS image sensor combined with a 24 mm (f1.7) aperture. The videos can be shot in portrait mode with the True Vertical Shooting mode, and simultaneous photo clicking is also possible thanks to the 4-in-1 pixel binning technology with the 48MP sensor. The former also brings out better low-light photography, sharp depth of field and very little image noise.

The built-in camera shoots images in RAW/JPEG mode and videos in 4K HDR at 30 fps. By comparison, the premium Mini 3 Pro shoots 4K videos at 60fps. In live feed, a 720p video can be transmitted from a distance of up to 10 km. It is capable of shooting stable images even at wind speeds of 10.7 meters per second.

The featherweight drone has an estimated flight time of 38 minutes on a single charge of the standard built-in battery. If you choose the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus accessory (not available in all regions), the total flight time can be increased to 51 minutes. The quadcopter can be programmed to take cinematic helicopter-like shots or perform fancy maneuvers such as circle, boomerang or helix. Other standard DJI features such as Return To Home (RTH) modes in case of a signal loss are present.

DJI Mini 3 will be available in five different configurations – each with a different combination of accessories. The drone-only version costs $409, while the one with the RC-N1 remote costs $499. The penultimate one comes with a shoulder bag, a charging hub, and two extra Intelligent Flight batteries for $659. The top-end version called the DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo, priced at $798, has all of these accessories plus the DJI RC controller.

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