Strange devices with antennas are popping up all over Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Public Land Service officials hiked into the city’s outskirts to remove a strange device consisting of a locked battery box, solar panel and antenna — and plan to trace more devices from elsewhere in the area in the coming days remove and weeks.

Public country officials said the devices first surfaced about a year ago but have been spotted with increasing regularity in recent weeks. The devices were installed without permission and officials are unclear as to who is responsible or what purpose they serve.

“These towers were screwed into various peaks and ridges around the foothills,” says Tyler Fonarow, the city’s recreational trails manager. told KSLTV. “It started with one or two, and now it can be up to a dozen.”

So far, devices have been found on land managed by the University of Utah and on land managed by the US Forest Service. Another device will be removed on Wednesday.

Mr Faranov, in an interview with the TV network, speculated that the devices could be linked to cryptocurrency in some way, although he admitted the theory is just one of several different possibilities. Mr. Faranow said relay networks could potentially benefit from device placement if the devices are crypto-related.

The University of Utah said in a statement it is working with the city to have the devices removed.

“Representatives from the University of Utah have actively coordinated with City Public Lands officials to determine if any member of our campus community is associated with the towers,” the university’s statement said, in part. “As far as we know, the tower on the university campus is neither owned nor operated by the university. We appreciate Salt Lake City’s collaboration and dedicated efforts to identify the owners.”

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