Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped is a music-focused personality test

It’s that time of year again. Streaming services love to tell you which artists, songs and albums you’ve listened to the most in 2022. While a few have already rolled out their bits of annual nostalgia, Spotify’s 2022 episode of Wrapped debuts today. The company likes to put a new spin on its personalized top lists every year and this is no different. A new feature called Your Listening Personality offers some insight into what the music you stream says about your tastes. Wrapped determines which of the 16 listening personality types is best for you, including The Replayer, The Specialist, The Adventurer, and The Fanclubber.

Of course, Wrapped will also describe your top artists, genres, songs, podcasts and count your total listening minutes. An Audio Day feature can also tell you how your musical preferences change over the course of a day in an interactive story format. Artist Messages return from 2021 with over 40,000 acts recording thank you videos for top listeners. These clips are also followed this year by your most listened to song from each artist. Spotify has added the ability to purchase merchandise and view upcoming events through the Wrapped hub.


As your social channels will indicate today, Spotify users love to share their Wrapped stats. This year, the company added the ability to share cards via Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Line. Plus, there’s a Snapchat lens for sharing that listening personality, packaged bitmoji, and themed GIFs on GIPHY. Since Spotify debuted on Roblox earlier this year, you can expect Wrapped to appear there as well with quests, games, digital merch, and plenty of photo opportunities.

In addition to the personalized Wrapped experience, Spotify has also revealed its top artists, songs, albums and podcasts for 2022. Bad Bunny is most popular worldwide with “As It Was” by Harry Styles and Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny taking the top spots for songs and albums respectively. In the US, Drake beat Taylor Swift, but both the most popular song and the most popular album remain the same in the global charts. As for podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience ends the year number one again, with another Spotify exclusive – Call her daddy – placed second on both the global and US charts.

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