Social Media Is Having A Big Day With David Pollack-Nick Saban Halftime Show Clip

Midst Georgia‘s historic defeat of TCU in the national college football playoff championship on Monday night, an awkward moment erupted on ESPN’s halftime show Alabama Coach Nick Saban and UGA graduate David Pollack.

With the Bulldogs leading 38-7 at halftime, Pollack took the opportunity to commend Kirby Smart’s program for its remarkable performance over the past two seasons. In doing so, he announced that the top of the college football landscape has changed as Georgia now takes control of the sport with Saban sitting directly to his right.

“We love the Cinderella story and we love it when it comes to that, but that’s not really the Cinderella ending,” Pollack said. “Obviously, as we’ve seen over the past few seasons, Georgia really have taken over college football. Incredible work.”

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