Secret Obama-era documents discovered in Joe Biden’s private office

Secret documents from when Joe Biden served as Barack Obama’s vice president were found at a Washington think tank that Biden sometimes used as office space, the White House said Monday.

Biden’s attorneys discovered the documents last November when they were vacating the office space and turned them over to the National Archives, which maintains all of these materials, Biden’s special counsel Richard Sauber said.

“The White House is cooperating with the national archives and the Department of Justice,” Sauber said in a statement.

Sauber described it as “a small number of documents with classified markings” found at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. He said they were in a locked closet at the time.

“The documents have not been the subject of any prior inquiry or investigation,” and since their delivery, Biden’s attorneys have also worked “to ensure that all Obama-Biden administration records are properly in the archives,” he said.

CBS News reported that Attorney General Merrick Garland has hired the US Attorney in Chicago to review the documents and that the FBI is also investigating. According to the report, about 10 documents are involved, and an unidentified source familiar with them said none contained nuclear secrets.

In August, authorities searched the Mar-a-Lago home of ex-President Donald Trump after he failed to respond to repeated requests to cooperate in retrieving documents from the White House following his 2020 election defeat.

The FBI found thousands of government documents at the ex-president’s club in Florida, including more than 100 marked secret and some marked top secret. Topics covered in the documents reportedly included sensitive information about China and Iran, as well as nuclear secrets.

“When will the FBI search Joe Biden’s many homes, maybe even the White House? These documents have definitely not been declassified,” Trump said in a brief statement after the discovery of the documents at the think tank was announced on Monday.

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