SBF did not think he would be held hours before arrest

  • Bahamian authorities arrested FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried on Monday.
  • Hours earlier, SBF said in an interview that he did not believe he would be detained on US shores.
  • He made the remarks as he explained why he planned to testify before Congress on Tuesday.

A multitasking Sam Bankman-Fried – who played a video game and answered questions during an interview – said he didn’t think he would be detained if he returned to the US just hours before he was arrested in the Bahamas.

“I don’t believe I would be, but I haven’t dug deep into that. That’s something I need to think about more,” Bankman-Fried said in a Monday interview on Twitter Spaces with options trading platform Unusual Whales. per transcript.

Unusual Whales called Bankman-Fried’s interview “the last thing he did as a free man”.

Bankman-Fried was responding to a question about possible arrest if he entered the US – as he was due to testify before Congress on Tuesday. The former FTX CEO had said he would not be there in person because he was “quite overbooked” according to the transcript.

He also said it was difficult for him “to move and travel now because the paparazzi effect is quite big.”

During the interview – and amid a constant background clicking noise – Bankman-Fried was asked if he played video games, to which he replied, “Yes, I am.”

He said he played “Storybook Brawl”, a game that FTX acquired in March 2022. Bankman-Fried had told the New York Times in November that the game clears his mind.

Although arrested in the Bahamas, Bankman-Fried could be extradited to the US, experts said Insiders Sindhu Sundar and Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert on Tuesday.

That is what the US Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC for short, said after Bankman-Fried’s arrest it will file charges against him on Tuesday, alleging securities law violations.

Representative Maxine Waters, chair of the US House Financial Services Committee, said in a statement that she was “surprised” about Bankman-Fried’s arrest because it means he would not testify as planned.

“While Mr. Bankman-Fried must be held accountable, the American public deserves to hear directly from Mr. Bankman-Fried about the actions that have harmed more than a million people and wiped out the hard-earned savings of so many,” said Waters.

Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO of FTX on Nov. 11, the same day the exchange filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, failing to secure a bailout after an intense week-long liquidity crunch.

The curly-haired 30-year-old has been on a media apology tour since the collapse of FTX, but told the New York Times in late November that he believed he was not legally responsible.

The SEC did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment, which was sent outside of normal business hours.

Insider could not immediately reach Bankman-Fried representatives for comment, but one representative declined to comment to the New York Times following his arrest.

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