Patrick Mahomes explains why Chiefs battled Bengals: ‘They have a great quarterback’

Patrick Mahomes has built an overall record of 67-19 since becoming the Chiefs’ quarterback. While he’s won most of his matchups, the former League and Super Bowl MVP and his team have had issues with the Bengals, the new kids on the proverbial block. Sunday’s 27-24 loss in Cincinnati marked the Chiefs’ third loss of the calendar year against the defending AFC champions.

Similar to how the Chiefs have found success against other teams, Mahomes gave his opinion after the game when asked why the Bengals had the Chiefs’ number.

“First, they have a great quarterback and a guy who won a lot of football games, even though it was in college, and now he’s won a lot of football games in the NFL,” Mahomes said of Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, whose recent game has put him in the middle of the MVP conversation in the league. “He is also someone who fights to the end. They have playmakers everywhere, they are well coached, they have good defense. At the end of the day they have performed at a higher level in the league.” critical situations.”

When specifically discussing Sunday’s loss, Mahomes pointed to the Chiefs’ slow start, Germaine Pratt’s forced fumble on Travis Kelce early in the fourth quarter, and a missed field goal with 3:24 left as the main reasons for Kansas City’s most recent loss. The Chiefs trailed 14–3 early on before rallying to take a 24–17 lead after Mahomes scored on a three-yard touchdown run late in the third quarter.

“If you just try to take those two things out in the fourth quarter,” Mahomes said, “and if you’re playing against good teams and you’re making revenue in the fourth quarter, those are the things that bite you in the end.”

Mahomes had more to say about the Bengals’ offense, a unit that averaged more than 29 points per game in their three most recent matchups with Kansas City. He also praised Bengal’s defense which did not allow a run in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game.

“Although it has the play makers, they will take their time and use the clock more or less,” he said. “Their defense changes a lot of different coverage. They did a good job getting Travis out as much as they could, and that’s why you saw a lot of the other guys making catches.”

Burrow, who improved his starter record to 21-11 over the past two seasons, would likely agree with Mahomes’ sentiments about the Bengals. While Burrow is a huge reason for the Bengals’ recent success, Cincinnati has built a talented roster around their franchise quarterback.

“We have players who have been in these places before,” Burrow said after Sunday’s game. “Whether it’s in college or last year, we’ve gathered players whose organization has done a great job finding the right guys. It’s important to them. They’re going to work really hard to put in their best performances every Sunday The character of these guys That’s what wins games later, in December, in January, in the fourth quarter.

“We have one of the best dressing rooms I’ve ever been in. You feel the energy in that room every day. We have complete confidence in each other that if one unit doesn’t play great, the other will.” to perform and make plays to help us win games.”

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