Now is the perfect time to stock up on PS5 controllers

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The PlayStation 5’s DualSense is one of my all-time favorite video game controllers. That’s thanks to the unique touches like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that really change the way I experience games. There’s a downside to all those bells and whistles, though: it’s wildly expensive. If one stick starts to float or you just want a second one for multiplayer games, be prepared to spend $70 – or more, if you want it in a different color.

If you find yourself longing for a new DualSense, today is the day to strike. Best Buy currently has one of the best deals on PS5 controllers since the console launched, with all versions of the gamepad down to $50.

What’s enticing about that deal is that it even includes several color variants from pink to camo gray. You would normally have to pay a little extra for that luxury, as variants cost $75. Sold for $50 just like the standard DualSense, a great excuse today to stock up on a few colors you’ve been craving since Sony started rolling out its colorful variants.

While those deals are front and center on Best Buy’s Cyber ​​Monday sales page, there are even more hidden on the retailer’s website. Best Buy offers controller bundles that come with a game at a whopping discount. For example, you can get a PS5 copy from this year Horizon Forbidden West and a DualSense controller for $90. Considering the game itself usually costs $70, you’ll get a pretty big discount by going this route. An alternative bundle is also available if you prefer to pick up MLB The Show 22 instead of.

It’s not just the DualSense that’s on sale. If you’re looking for a good mobile controller, the recently released PlayStation Edition Backbone One is currently on sale for $75, down from $100. The mobile attachment is designed to look like the DualSense, with its signature white- black color scheme. But if you’re thinking of getting one, you might want to grab the standard black version, as it comes with a free month of Xbox Game Pass.

Those are just some of the PS5 peripheral deals going on at Best Buy today. If you really want to stock up, you can grab accessories like the DualSense charging station, the console’s media remote, or the Pulse 3D headset that’s on sale. It’s not often you can fully equip your PS5 for less than $200, so take advantage of these deals while you still can.

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