Mass shipping of Apple mixed reality headset may be delayed

Just days after news broke that Apple could be close to unveiling its long-awaited mixed-reality headset, new information suggests mass shipments of the product may be delayed until the second half of 2023.

The news comes courtesy of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose contacts in Apple’s supply chain have historically helped him equalize other Apple-linked moves.

The potential slowdown is being attributed to “software-related issues,” Kuo claimed.

In a wire on Twitter, shared on Sunday, Dec. 4, the Taiwan-based analyst said that despite Apple possibly shipping the headset later than expected, it could still unveil the headset in the first half of 2o23.

As MacRumors points out, Kuo had previously suggested that the tech giant would show off the headset in January and begin shipping in Q2 2023, but on Sunday he said he had no information on whether the January reveal is still ongoing. continues. . But if, as now seems possible, the product doesn’t appear in January, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June seems like a likely date for Apple to finally unveil its long-awaited headset.

To be clear, Apple has yet to make an official announcement regarding its headset, which is expected to combine technology that enables both virtual reality (VR), which lets you explore a virtual world made up of digital and video images, and augmented reality (AR). that overlaps virtual elements with the real world you see before you. But numerous leaks — and comments from Apple’s CEO himself — have all but confirmed that the tech company plans to release its own mixed-reality device in the near future.

Kuo’s latest update on Apple’s mixed-reality headset follows a report Friday that the operating system powering the device has been internally renamed “xrOS,” replacing the originally anticipated term “realityOS.” The “xr” reportedly stands for “extended reality”, a nod to the device’s ability to work with both VR and AR.

One company keeping a close eye on developments is the mighty Meta, which recently announced its premium Quest Pro mixed-reality headset and is also investing massive amounts of time and money into creating the metaverse, a virtual world for work and play. relaxation that you enter through his headphones.

Check out what happened when a Digital Trends writer replaced his MacBook Air with Meta’s Quest Pro headset to get a taste of the current state of Meta’s technology, while also offering some insight into what Apple needs to do with its own headset to get off the ground for a full work week.

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