Irina Shayk shares insight on raising daughter Lea

The former couple welcomed the little girl in 2017, but split just a few years later – though they now spend a lot of time together with their daughter.

“Being a mother is one of the most amazing things ever,” Irina told in a new interview with V magazine.

She continued, “I never thought I would enjoy it so much and love it so much. I feel like there is no better love for someone in this world but the love for your child. It is just very special.”

Moreover, Irina admits that her daughter is the one who keeps her going in the midst of her life in the spotlight.

“You know, my daughter has no filter,” she joked. “I remember this Halloween when I was dressed up as Bettie Page, she looked at me and said, ‘No, take it off. It’s not working.’ I feel like she keeps me grounded because she says what she thinks without a filter – I love it.

For Irina, quality time is also one of the most important parts of her life with Lea, which is why she and Bradley don’t even have a babysitter.

“You know, we don’t have a babysitter, so sometimes [when my friends suggest] dinner or a concert, they always say: ‘We know what Irina is going to say; we don’t have a babysitter.’ They say it’s my savings line. But we choose not to have a babysitter,” explains Irina.

Although she doesn’t have a babysitter, Irina still makes time for work – and hopes this will instill a strong work ethic in her daughter.

She remembered a moment when the little girl cried that she had to stay home from work, but she explained why she had to go.

“I said, ‘See we have lights in the house and we have food [on the table]? That’s why mom and dad have to go to work,” said Irina. “I want to raise a woman and teach her how my grandmother and my mother taught me, where you have to work hard.”

While Irina admits that thanks to her famous parents, Lea is “raised under different circumstances”, she believes raising her to understand the value of hard work.

“You can’t give her access to certain things [in order] so she understands that you have to work hard to get something in your life,” she added.[After that]then I said, ‘Look, Mom is going to buy you a present, but if she doesn’t work, we won’t have any money [to buy it].’ And she says, ‘Okay, mommy, go to work.'”

At the end of the day, Lea says being a mother has changed her life and her priorities, all for the better.

“Just being a mom taught me how to prioritize my time. How to choose my jobs and always remember that family is the most important thing. That’s how you keep going,” she concluded.

You can read everything Irina had to say here.

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