iOS 17 is said to have fewer major changes

iOS 17, the upcoming update for the iPhones, has already been confirmed by Apple and according to the latest information, it won’t be as exciting as iOS 16 because it will get fewer major updates than expected.

As we all know, Apple rolls out a new software update for all its latest products every year and the most awaited one of all time is the iOS update, but this year’s update doesn’t seem to be going well. Let’s discuss the reason below.

iOS 17 may not have many changes than iOS 16

iOS 17 is said to have fewer major changes

According to latest On Newsletter from Bloomberg’s Mark GurmanApple has already started working on the major iOS 17 update changes and it is codenamed in the works dusk.

with all this gourmet also noted that iOS 17 wouldn’t have many new updates than iOS 16, and it always will less big changes than originally planned by Apple.

And further, gourmet also mentioned why Apple will do this because the company wants to focus more on the software of its upcoming product, viz xrOS.

As of now, we all know that Apple is working on an AR/VR headset, or so-called mixed reality headset, whose operating system trademarks were spotted online, also revealing its name xrOS.

There isn’t much information available about xrOS at the moment, but it is said to come with several advanced features for a headset as Apple is rumored to be planning another app store for it.

To sum up, iOS 17 will lose some already scheduled updates and that doesn’t mean important changes of the update will be lost.

However, many details about iOS 17 are yet to be released and officially revealed, so we can’t clarify what changes will be removed from this upcoming update. If a new leak in this regard becomes known, we will inform you about it.

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