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Twitter will relaunch Blue, its subscription service that provides verification badges to users who pay a monthly fee. On Monday, the company announced Saturday, a much-delayed move that came more than a month after the service’s original rollout, plagued by “verified” impersonator accounts wreaking havoc on the platform.

Main facts

Company announced the relaunch in a tweetnoting that Twitter Blue subscriptions cost $8 per month for those who sign up on the website and $11 per month for those who subscribe through the Twitter iPhone app.

As previously reported, the higher price for the iPhone app subscription is intended to cover the cost of Apple’s 30% fee on all in-app purchases, but users who sign up on the website should have access to all benefits of Twitter Blue in the app.

The combat impersonator accounts that plagued the original rollout of Twitter Blue subscribers must register their phone number with Twitter to receive a blue verified badge.

Twitter Blue subscribers who change their display name, profile picture, or username will lose their verified badge until the account is reviewed again.

Aside from the verification badge, Twitter Blue subscribers have the option to edit tweets, upload higher quality videos, and access a reading mode.

The company is also promising a range of upcoming benefits for subscribers, including fewer ads, the ability to post long videos, and their accounts promoted in search results or answers.

What we don’t know

While the addition of a phone number verification process will likely ease some of the concerns surrounding impersonator accounts, it’s still unclear whether Twitter plans to manually review all subscribers before awarding a verified badge or whether the process will be automated.

What to watch out for

Aside from rolling out Twitter Blue again, the platform will also be making changes to how it displays other verified accounts. According to Twitter’s Head of Product, Esther Crawford, verified business accounts on Twitter will soon show gold checkmarks, while government and other official accounts will wear gray checkmarks. This is another measure the company has taken to mitigate the problem of “verified” impersonators.

Crucial quote

In a cryptic tweet early Sunday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk wrote, “The bots are in for a surprise tomorrow.” While it’s unclear if this is related to Blue’s relaunch, Musk has previously pitched the service as a means to combat spam and bot accounts on the platform.

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