Effectively Wild Episode 1953: The Weakest Links

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley joke about a way Roger Angell identified in which baseball differs from other sports and talk about the Mariners’ signing AJ Pollock and the Phillies act for Gregory Sotoand respond to the Dodgers severing ties with Trevor BauerMLB reinstating former Braves GM John Coppolella, and KBO ace A woo jin not being listed on South Korea’s WBC roster, plus thoughts on the competitive advantage of preventing leaks, and a past blast from 1953. Then (42:42) they talk to FanGraphs senior writer and ZiPS creator Dan Szimborski about the weakest projected positions on competing teams, along with detours in Shhei Ohtani‘s WAR prediction, whether starting pitcher salaries have fallen along with innings totals, the linear relationship between dollars and WAR, the deflation of midfield offense, the pace of free agent signings, whether KI the downfall of mankind will be, and more, followed by an afterword with some notes and updates.

Audio intro: Trampled by Turtles, ”To find for a lifetime
audio interstitial: Margo Price, “This is how rumors start
audio other: Jason Isbell, “If it lasts a lifetime

Link to Angell’s “On the Ball”
Link to MLBTR on Pollock
Link to Longenhagen on Soto
Link to Sands photo
Link to Dipoto on the editions of M
Link to Rosenthal on Bauer
Link to Nightengale on Bauer
Link to MLBTR on Coppolella
Link to An Woo-Jin’s article
Link to more on An Woo-Jin
Link to more about KBO bullying
Link to An Woo-Jin’s scouting report
Link to article on volleyball bullying
Link to Nightengale on the Braves
Link to story source from 1953
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter
Link to article about Rose’s bet
Link to zombie runner coinage
Link to Ben C. via FA Movement
Link to Ben’s FA Retrospective
Link to Dan’s ZiPS pieces
Link to FG depth maps
Link to best remaining FA
Link to Rob on pitchers/payroll
Link to Dan to pay for winnings
Link to Rob on CF Offensive
Link to Posnanski about chess bots
Link to Dan’s Gronk tweets
Link to Dan’s gun tweet
Link to Chatbots EW episode
Link to MLBTR on Hendriks
Link to MLB.com on Hendriks
Link to the All-CarShield team
Link to EW on CarShield sponsors
Link to Andújar trade request
Link to tennis baseball video
Link to Colbert/Musial story

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