Dewayne Dedmon is ejected for throwing a massage gun onto the court

The Miami Heat hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder for a cross-conference game Tuesday night. The first half went pretty well for the Heat for the most part, and Miami had a five-point lead when a timeout was called with 9:25 remaining in the second quarter.

After the time-out, veteran big man Dewayne Dedmon was removed from the game in favor of Orlando Robinson, and just seconds later a massage gun was blasted onto the court during live play, causing a stoppage. The ultimate reality that Dedmon caused the problem and got kicked out of the game.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Dedmon was really aiming to send the massage gun to the ground — if anything, it looks like he hit her and unintentionally turned it into a projectile — but the video clearly kept him annoyed enough to express this frustration. The TNT show later revealed that Dedmon and Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra had an exchange in the huddle during the time-out.

Dedmon, a 10-year veteran, has been in Miami’s rotation this season and returned in a one-point loss to Brooklyn on Tuesday after a DNP on Sunday. Perhaps some of his frustration could be related to that inconsistent effort, but regardless, that’s not something you see every day and Spoelstra didn’t seem too thrilled with the technical foul and sacking that resulted.

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