Boris Johnson says Tories could rebound at the ballot box

Boris Johnson has predicted the Conservative Party will recover from its recent woes – as long as it sticks to the policy agenda he set in office.

The former Prime Minister urged supporters to get behind his political agenda – to flatten and exploit the UK’s “Brexit freedoms” – to secure victory in the next general election.

Mr Johnson spoke at the Carlton Club, where he unveiled a portrait of himself, in keeping with the club’s tradition of commissioning portraits of former Conservative Prime Ministers.

According to excerpts from his office, he made no mention of his unceremonious expulsion from No. 10, but delivered a typically upbeat speech praising the accomplishments of his tenure.

Keep advocating for higher standards, for opportunity and for a vibrant, global, low-tax Britain. This is how we will win again

Boris Johnson

He cited his government’s track record in implementing Brexit and rolling out the Covid vaccine faster than other countries.

“Sometimes when I talk to people in the Far East, in the US, in the Gulf, they get confused about how Britain is presenting itself to the outside world because they see the facts,” he said.

“You see a country that had the audacity to keep people willing to leave the EU.

“You see a Conservative government that has been so dynamic and so well organized that, with the help of our Brexit freedoms – don’t forget this point – we have vaccinated our population faster than any other country in Europe and as a result this Conservative government has the Population brought out lockdown faster than any other European country.”

His intervention comes amid speculation that Mr Johnson is planning a possible political comeback if Rishi Sunak’s Tories continue to falter in the polls.

However, he dismissed the “pathetic morbid moanathon” from the media and predicted voters would return to the Conservatives as the only party backing tax cuts and who “really believe in Brexit”.

“When people realize that, I think the political dynamic will change. There is no desire to vote for Keir Starmer, for Sir crasheronie snoozefest,” he said.

“So never give up, keep fighting, keep supporting the government – keep advocating for equality, for opportunity and for a vibrant, global, low-tax Britain. This is how we will win again.”

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