A long covid app and California’s wind plans

1 The Twitter files weren’t the bomb that Elon Musk called them for
His carelessness also caused the harassment of some Twitter content moderators. (WP$)
+ The files also did not violate the First Amendment. (The Atlantic $)
+ Hate speech has exploded on the platform since he took over. (NYT$)
+ Journalists will stay on Twitter for now. (Vox)
+ The company’s ad revenue doesn’t look very healthy. (NYT$)

2 Russia is trying to freeze Ukrainians by destroying their electricity
It is the vulnerable in the country who will suffer the most. (Economist $)
+ How Ukraine was able to keep the lights on. (MIT Technology Review)

3 Crypto is at a crossroads
Investors, executives and lawyers don’t know what’s next. (NYT$)
+ FTX and the trading company Alameda Research were way too close. (FT$)
+ It’s okay to opt out of the crypto revolution. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster
They are furious that they were unable to purchase tickets in the botched sale last month. (The edge)

5 The Internet is having a midlife crisis
What is it for? And more important, Who is it for? (slate $)
+ Tim Berners-Lee wanted the internet to have an ‘oh yeah?’ knob. (slate $)

6 We need a global agreement to protect the natural world
COP15, held this week in Montreal, is our best bet for knocking one out. (Vox)
+ Off-grid living is more viable these days than you might think. (The edge)

7 What ultra-dim galaxies can teach us about dark matter
We need new telescopes to find more. (wired $)
+ Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has big plans for space. (Reuters)
+ A super-bright satellite could hamper our understanding of the cosmos. (Motherboard)
+ Here’s how to watch Mars disappear behind the moon. (New Scientist $)

8 An elite media newsletter wants to cover “power, money and ego.”
It promises unparalleled access to prolific writers – and their audiences. (New York $)
+ How to unsubscribe an email wisely. (Economist $)

9 The metaverse has a passion for fashion 👗
This is what the best dressed residents wear. (WSJ$)

10 We’ve been texting for 30 years 💬
Yet we still don’t understand each other. (The guard)

Quote of the day

“There is certainly an increasing sense of fear, justified fear. And I would almost say horror.”

—Pamela Nadell, director of American University’s Jewish Studies program, tells the Washington Post she fears anti-Semitism has normalized in the US in light of Kanye West’s recent remarks praising Hitler.

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