16+ Free Book Templates for Google Docs

Do you want to design a book without special software? It’s time to use the ready-made book templates in Google Docs. They are easy to use, so you don’t need any special skills to handle them.

Template for non-fiction books

This is the best online template for nonfiction books.

Book guest template for Google Docs & Wor

The template is useful for hotels and restaurants to collect reviews. The basic layout can be adapted to your place if desired.

Recipe book template

It is the best cookbook template. The convenience is that you can easily show the step-by-step preparation of any dish.

Marketing book cover template

This is the ready-to-use printable template for a marketing and sales book where you can show successful case studies.

Cookbook template

The handy layout can be used for storing your branded recipes. It is free to download in different text formats: PDF, Doc, TXT, etc.

Book recipe template for Google Docs & Word

This is another one of the free Google Docs cookbook templates. It has space for starters, recipes, main courses and desserts.

Comic book template

Book templates are great for creating your own comics. This editable layout has plenty of room for character lines and custom graphics.

Photo cookbook cover template

Thanks to this recipe book template, you don’t have to think about what to cook for breakfast anymore!

Template for children’s books

This is a colorful, bright and interesting children’s book template.

Small cash book template

This template is for creating your own book about business, motivation, organization of the company.

Book Comic Template for Google Docs & Word

This is a comic book template with a creative design and all the necessary elements.

Employee address book template

Do you keep a journal of books you read in the summer? Then the template will definitely suit you.

Address book template

An address book template is developed by designers for convenient address storage.

Book kids template for Google Docs & Word

This template is for a children’s book with pictures and a large font. It is specially adapted for kindergarten and primary school age.

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