12 great examples of coffee packaging

Coffee packaging seems so ubiquitous in designers’ portfolios that it could almost be a design field in its own right. For that reason, it is a difficult mission to stand out with packaging design as you compete with both multinational companies and graphic designers who are going to import coffee into their village. In this post, we take a look at a few packages that really stand out in one way or another.

1. Lagarto Coffee Packaging

Beautiful packages with a subtle color scheme and beautiful illustrations, excellent work by FiveStar Branding.

2. Match coffee roaster

A project that will garner instant hatred from the more literal Christians out there for its blasphemous name and slogans. You probably shouldn’t see any bad intention in that, just good graphic design by BIS Studio Graphique.

3. Garuda

Designed by Up Brands, a Russian studio based in Moscow, this coffee packaging built the brand on the impressive traditional masks of Indonesia, where the coffee sold comes from. Slightly creepy, this pack is sure to draw a lot of attention in the store’s display.

4. United by blue

A friendly looking project with little information about it, but such a great use of illustration that it had to be included in this post. It was designed by Lindsay Muir.

5. 3-19 Coffee

For a special coffee company that combines coffee, community and art (3-19 Coffee), a special collaboration was needed to achieve the perfect branding and packaging. Outfit Branding and Public Marking Creative did this together with this colorful visual identity. See more on this Behance page.

6. Noma Coffee Packaging

What happens when tropical animals and plants appear together on coffee packaging? Delicious coffee packaging happens! Sadly, this is just a design concept, but we felt Nadiia Miller’s work deserved a mention as well. See more on this Behance page.

7. Paradise. Gourmet Club Coffee

A special coffee packaging for a gift set designed by Artel Artyomovyh, a Ukrainian designer. The design was intended to symbolize a traveler’s suitcase and built for demonstration.

8. Narcoffee Roasters Packaging

The brand’s illustrated story is featured on the packaging, with different colors for each coffee’s location. A subtle design by Alexandra Necula.

9. Wishbone Brew

An attempt to rethink coffee packaging design by aka Studio. Honestly, unless told, we wouldn’t have guessed it was a coffee wrapper, but we still got it for the creative effort.

10. Woods Coffee Packaging

Nothing says camping and adventure like a pine forest and a hipster logo. The sparing use of color and wild minimalism work wonders for these coffee packs for Woods, designed by Man Man Van.

11. Jed’s coffee wrapper

A real typographer’s coffee packaging uses only typography, a bit of color and one icon. Designed by Shine, a design studio based in New Zealand.

12. Eos Coffee

A coffee stain for coffee packaging may not seem like such an innovative idea, but Noem9 Studio has given it a special twist by making it evolutionary.


As you can see, there is diversity in the coffee packaging industry, with plenty of great graphic designers to compete with, and this is just a small glimpse of all the coffee packaging out there.

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